A Baked Bible.

THERE is a Bible in Lucas Co., Ohio, which

was once baked in a loaf of bread. It now

belongs to Mr. Schebolt, who resided near

Maumee City. Mr. S. is a native of Bohemia,

and the baked Bible was originally the property

of his grandfather, who was a faithful Protestant

Christian in the times which tried men's souls.

During one of the cruel persecutions which have

been so common in Bohemia, an edict was 

passedthat every Bible in the hands of the 

peasants shouldbe delivered up to the 

authorities and destroyed.

Various expedients were resorted to by the 

Bible-loving Protestants, to preserve the 

precious word of life. Mrs. Schebolt, grandmother 

of the present owner, placed hers in the center 

of a batch of dough, which was ready for the 

oven, and baked it.

The house was carefully searched, but no Bible

was found; and when the tools of priestly tyranny

had departed, and the danger was past, the Bible

was taken uninjured from the loaf!"

 The Religious Telescope