Peaceful Sleep Of Death

I will now give you a sketch of one

that died in this neighborhood, a few weeks

since. Her name was Charity Mashure. Little

Charity was thirteen years of age. She

was converted about a year and a half before

she died, the Winter after she commenced

keeping the Sabbath of the Lord our God.

Her parents did not profess the religion of Jesus,

nor her brothers or sisters. She did not

have the privilege of attending meeting at the

time she commenced keeping the Sabbath.

She had no one to instruct or influence her to

keep it. It is very evident the Lord showed

her by his Spirit and word, as she herself 


The circumstances of her death were solemn

and interesting. She had the impression for

some time before her death that she had not

long to stay here. She often spoke to that effect.

She was often found in secret prayer,

and reading her Testament, and was strict to

observe the Sabbath of the Lord. She had not

possessed good health for some length of time.

She was more unwell than usual two or three

days before her death. The morning before

she died, she arose as usual, but was taken 

suddenly distressed. She said to her mother, 

you know what I have told you, I shall now die.

They spoke of sending for a physician. She 

remarked, It will do no good, medicine will not

save me. She seemed to look over her past

life to see if she was ready to be laid in the

grave, and have a part in the first resurrection.

She seemed to feel she was; then talked to her

parents. Told them not to weep for her, but to

get ready to meet her in that bright world of

joy, where they would part no more. She told

them, with her brothers and sisters, to keep the

Sabbath of the Lord. She then became 

insensible, lived a few hours, then died. 

O children, it was a solemn seen. I felt

that the Lord had taken her away to save her,

and to benefit the family; also to admonish us

all to be ready. I tried to impress it upon the

mind of the dear mother, whose heart was

 almost broken. She felt that her all was gone,

and refused to be comforted; but I trust while

she so sensibly feels her loss, and so often goes

to her grave, to weep there, she will not neglect

to heed her dying request, and get ready

to meet her, by seeking the Saviour, and

 observing all the commandments of God. By so

 doing she will soon, with her, have right to the

tree of life. There will be no more death there,

neither sorrow nor crying, for the former things

will have passed away.

O, dear children, will you, with me, strive to

be more interested in this great work. We

must begin in earnest to make sure work for

eternal life.  Let us all strive to make our calling 

and election sure.


Johnson Vt.


DEAR little Dove! When I think of you,

I wish I may flee for safety too:

A storm is coming, when Jesus will be

To those who love him, like the Ark to thee.

Dear little dove! You did not know

Who it was that kept you, and sheltered you so:

But I can read of the Son of God,

Who, to save my soul, has shed his own blood.

Dear little Dove, you trusted in One

Who kept you safe till the storm was done;

May I believe, and be sheltered too,

There’s an Ark for me as well as for you!