Why Did He Learn All But the Fifth


"I HAVE learned all the commandments but one," said a little boy of seven years, to me not long ago. 

Thinking he had committed to memory all but the fifth commandment, I replied, "It is an easy command to learn," and quoted the entire fifth commandment. "I don't mean that," said the little fellow, " I can repeat it, but I don't keep it as I should."" Well," said I, " what do you understand that commandment wants you to do?" "Why," said he, "it means that when pa or ma tells me to do anything, I ought to go right ahead and do it, without asking any questions about it."

The little boy certainly had the right idea about learning the commandments. How many of the children have "learned" them in this way?

 M. E.

LUTHER was nearly twenty years 

old before he saw a Bible; but one 

day, in looking over the books in the 

library at Erfurt, he found a copy of 

the Scriptures in Latin; and, opening 

the sacred volume at the beginning of 

the Second Book of Samuel, he read 

the history of that man of God; and 

we do not wonder that it is recorded 

that it filled him with the greatest 

surprise and delight.