Is one who does not care how little he does for

his employer, if he can only please. Instead

of keeping his eyes upon his work, he is

 constantly looking about for his employer, and

when he discovers him, he plies his work very

briskly; but soon as he is alone again he

slackens his gait, and perhaps stops altogether.

Among the young, there are some who are

eye-servants. Yes, I am sorry to say it, 


Sometimes young people get a distaste

for work, and do constantly try to avoid

it all they can.

Such youth, are constantly on the watch to

see where their parents are, in order to evade

the tasks which they are set to do; and it is

their constant study to avoid the labors required

of them. If you set them at their

books, they will study well while you watch

them so busy, so studious; but leave them a

a minute or two, and your fond hopes are

blighted. The youth of whom you had such

a high opinion, is at play, or idling away his

time; but soon as he sees his teacher is

 watching him, oh how busy he is again! You

would suppose he was a very good boy.

Now, boys and girls, let me say to you that

of service. It is degrading in the eyes of

men, and wicked in the sight of God.

God will not have one eye-servant in heaven

NOT ONE! Now if there is one little girl

or boy, or one youth who reads this who is

sensible, that he tries harder to please his 

parents when they are looking at him, than

when he is alone, that person is an eye-servant

and he would serve God in the same way. But

remember God will prove us all, and he will

have no eye-servants in heaven.


Portage, Ohio.