A GENTLEMAN of high standing in the State of --, a lawyer, a politician, a man of talents, and as the world estimates, a man who was successful in all his undertakings, was suddenly arrested by disease, and soon brought to the close of life. 

As it was evident that he could live but a few days, he was asked by a friend how he felt as he looked back upon his past life. And the answer, coming from a man of sense and thought, with eternity full in his view, was striking and memorable.

 "With all its success, I now see and feel that my life has been a failure! I have not gained one of the great ends for which life was given, and now it is too late to gain them." 

What a thought what a feeling what a prospect, for the hour when life is closing, and eternity is to be entered, and character and destiny, and state, are to be forever fixed! What a lesson to impress on all right views of the great ends for which life was given, and to lead every one so to live here as to be preparing for the life beyond this world!

"Life a failure!" God does not design it to be so. As in early days we look forward to its coming scenes, we do not desire or intend it to be a failure, but only a success. 

And yet there is but one way to success, but one way to make sure of the great ends for which life was given; and that is to be guided by God's truth, walk in the way that he points out, rest our hopes on His mercy, and be consecrated in heart and life to His service. Thus we may form that character we shall wish to endure, and make sure results in which we shall rejoice forever in Heaven!