Getting The Worst Of It.

"Do YOU want to buy some berries, to-day?"

said a poor little boy to me, one afternoon.

I looked at the little fellow, and saw that he

was poorly dressed. In his hands he held a

large basket of ripe blackberries.

I told him I should like some; and taking

the basket from him, stepped into the house.

He did not follow me.

"Why don't you come in and see if I measure

your berries rightly?" said I. "How do

you know but I may cheat you, and take more

than I agreed for?"

The boy looked up at me and smiled. "I

am not afraid," said he, "for you would get

the worst of it, ma'am."

"Get the worst of it!" I said. "What do

you mean?"

"Why, ma'am, I should only lose my berries,

but you would be stealing. Don't you

think that would be worse for you?"


 Be sure your sin will find you out.

Jesus sees everything we do and the 

angels are writing it all down in the books.