You Better Watch Out 



THE devil has a great many servants, and they are all busy and active ones. They ride in the railway trains, they sail on the steamboats, they swarm along the highways of the country and the thoroughfares of the cities; they do business in the busy marts; they are everywhere, and in all places. Some are so vile-looking that one instinctively turns from them in disgust; but some are so sociable, insinuating, and plausible, that they almost deceive, at times, the very elect. Among this latter class are to be found the devil's four chief servants. Here are their names: 

"THERE'S NO DANGER." That is one.

"ONLY THIS ONCE." That is another.

"EVERYBODY DOES so." That is the third.

"BY-AND-BY." That is the fourth.

When tempted from the path of strict rectitude, and "There's no danger" urges you on, say "Get thee behind me, Satan." When tempted to give the Sabbath up to pleasure, or to do a little labor in the workshop, or the counting-room, and "Only this once," or "Everybody does so," whispers at your elbow, do not listen for a moment to the dangerous counsel. If the Holy Spirit has fastened upon your conscience the solemn warnings of a faithful teacher or friend, and brought to mind a tender mother's prayers for your conversion, do not let "By-and-by" steal away your confidence, and, by persuading you to put away serious things, rob you of your life. All four are cheats and liars. They mean to deceive you, and cheat you out of Heaven. "Behold!" says God, now is the accepted time, now, is the day of salvation."He has no promise for "By-and-by." 

Christian at Work.



IN parts of India, the clothing of the natives consists of cotton cloth, yards of which they wrap around them, leaving ten or fifteen over to wrap their heads in. The men appear to wear very loose trousers, but these are really only straight pieces of cloth, which they wrap themselves up in very ingeniously. They wear their hair in long black locks, which rest on their shoulders. There are no fashions in India; every person is free to choose the color and texture of his own garments.

In Southern India a curious law of inheritance prevails. A father cannot leave his property to his son, but it descends to his nephew.

In Sicily, time is counted from suns set to sunset; that is, at sunset it is twenty-four o'clock, and the next hour it is one o'clock.

In Bankok, a city in Siam, some of the houses are built on rafts, so that they rise and fall with the tide. There the ships are built with two large, staring eyes in front, it being thought that eyes are as necessary to a ship as to a man.

The above bits of information I have gathered from various reliable sources.