A  Cure For  Anger.

Two  LITTLE  sisters,  one  seven  and  the 

other five  years old, were  playing  together, 

when  a little  difference  arose  between  them. 

Lucy, the elder, feeling that anger was rising, 

said:  "I am getting angry; I might better 

go  out of the room for  a few minutes."  She 

went  out,  and  soon  returned  with  all  the 

angry feelings gone.  How she spent the few 

minutes,  I  think  most  of  our  little  readers 

will  know.  Lucy had not read  her Bible in 

vain;  she knew the meaning  of those sweet 

and  encouraging words:

"Ask, and it shall  be  given;"  and  many 

times she had  proved them  to  be true when 

fighting against  her  naturally hasty temper. 

How  many  sad  scenes would  be  avoided  if 

all children would follow the example of little 


If  any one  offend  you,  before  answering, 

try to  call to mind this golden sentence:  "A 

soft  answer turneth away wrath, but grievous 

words stir up  anger;"  and  if  you  attend to 

it,  you will save  yourself hours  of regret and




A  DOG  and  a  cat were  once  sitting by  a 

kitchen door,  when  the  cook  came  out  and 

threw several pieces of meat to them.  They 

both sprang to  get it;  but  the  dog  was  the 

stronger,  and so  he  drove the  cat away,  and 

devoured  all the meat himself.

This  was  selfishness;  by  which  I  mean 

that  the  dog  cared  only  for  himself.  The 

cat wanted the meat  as much  as  he  did;  but 

he was the stronger,  so  he took it all.

But  was  this  wrong?  No; because  the 

dog knew no  better.  The dog has  no  idea 

of  that  beautiful  golden  rule  of  conduct,

which requires us to do to others as we would 

have  them  do  to  us.  But children  have  a 

different nature,  and  a  different  rule  of con- 

duct.  Instead of being selfish, like the dog, 

they are commanded to be just and charitable. 

Selfishness is only caring for one's self.  It 

is  a  very  bad  thing,  and  every  one  should 

avoid  it.  A  selfish  person  is  never  truly 

good, or truly happy.  How miserable should 

we  all be if every person  were  to  care  only 

for himself!