THERE is LIGHT BEYOND. "When in Madera,"

writes a traveler, "I set off one morning to reach

the summit of a mountain, to gaze upon the

 distant scenes and enjoy the balmy air. I had a

 guide with me, and we had with difficulty 

ascended some thousand feet, when a thick mist

 was seen rising upon us, quite obscuring the 

whole face of the heavens. I thought I had no 

hope left but at once to retrace our steps or be

 lost; but as the cloud came nearer, and the 

darkness overshadowed me, and my guide ran on

 before me, penetrating the mist and calling to 

me ever and anon, saying, "Press on, master, 

press on; there is light beyond!" I did press on. 

In a few minutes the mist passed, and I gazed 

upon a scene of transparent beauty. All was 

bright and cloudless above, and beneath was the

 almost level mist, concealing the world below

 me, and glistening in the rays of the sun like a

 field of untrodden snow. There was nothing

at the moment between me and the heavens. O

ye, over whom clouds are gathering, or who have

sat beneath the shadow, be not dismayed if they

rise before you. Pass on; there is light beyond.