THE merry time for gathering nuts has come, and I presume most of our little readers are quite anxious to lay in a store of the various kinds that grow in our forests. I remember of reading the advice of a father to his little son when the boy was about to start on one of these nutting excursions in which you all so much delight.

"My son," said he, "stick to your tree, if you would soon fill your basket; do not go from tree to tree as most boys do, in the hope of finding the nuts more plenteous. Gather all on one tree before going to another, and you will come home with your basket well filled, while those who spend their time in wandering about will obtain but few nuts, and will come home quite discouraged."

This is good advice, and I hope you will all remember it, not only while you are gathering nuts, but in whatever you do. 

"Stick to your tree." If you have a difficult task to perform, stick to it until you accomplish it. If your school is your "tree," stick to it, that your mind may be stored with knowledge, and that you may become useful members of society. Whatever vocation you choose, stick to it faithfully, and you will gather nuggets of gold as a reward of your integrity, besides gaining the approval of God, which is of far more worth.

We often see those who seem to have no aim in life, who wander about from one kind of business to another, until the best part of their life is spent and they have accomplished nothing. The fruitless, unsatisfactory lives of such persons should be a warning to others not to make 

'the same mistake.'

Children, the Lord has promised a reward to the faithful. Let us strive to do all things well, perform all the little duties, bear all the little crosses, overcome all the little sins, that we may receive a crown of life which "fadeth not away," but will grow brighter as the eternal years roll on.