ACTING from principle, or doing right because it is right, whether it is pleasing to ourselves and approved by our associates or not, is what lays the foundation for a good character, and prepares men and women to become pillars in the church.

Children or youth, men or women, who simply do that which is most congenial to their own feelings, and pass by what they know to be duty, because it requires labor and self-denial, do not become burden-bearers or counselors in either church or State. Those who would fill a place of true honor or usefulness in the world must ever act from principle.

A circumstance happened under my observation a few days since which I will here relate, because it has a good moral. 

At a house where we were stopping, in the State of New York, it became necessary to make some repairs on a door, the lock being out of order. This work was done in the evening, and of course a light was needed. A little girl some seven years old volunteered to hold the lamp for her uncle, who was to do the work. The job proved to be a longer one than was at first anticipated. The little girl had to shift her lamp often from one hand to the other to rest her arms, and finally it became so heavy that she had to take hold of it with both hands.

I saw she was getting very tired, but instead of offering to relieve her I thought I would watch and see what she would do. 

Did she begin to cry, and call for some one else to hold the lamp? Not she; but she said, "Uncle, I don't like to hold this lamp, but I am going to do it anyhow." 

He simply replied, "That is a very good principle to act upon." So it was a good principle. Here was a lamp to be held; some one must do it. She might as well do it as any one, if it was not pleasant. If this little girl cherishes that principle at all times as she grows up, it will be the strength of her life. The Lord help us all to emulate the same spirit, and act from principle in all we do.