Obey God.

WHEN you are asking favors of God, do

not withhold a part, but give up to him your

all. Place confidence in him. God will not

deny anything from his children which he

can consistently give them. Do not put off

his claims to a future time, but yield cheerful

obedience now. It is dangerous, it is

 presumption, to say to God, I will obey at such

a time, if God will grant to me such and such


Some thirty years ago, or more, an honest

farmer was convicted that it was his duty to

become a Christian; but as his farm was yet

new, he promised the Lord, that if he would

give him prosperity that he would, when his

buildings were erected and his land improved,

become a Christian.

The time came. He felt that God had fulfilled

all he had asked of him. He set up the

family altar, and settled down in the belief

that he was a Christian. I do not know that

he ever repented of his presumption in placing

his Creator under conditions. Within a

year or two past he fell in death, a confirmed


It is a wonder of mercy that God ever bears

a moment with such conditional promises.

God's promises to us are all conditional, but

for us to make a conditional agreement to

obey God, is an insult to his majesty.

Dear children and youth, let us tremble

and fear before the God of Heaven, for he is

terrible in his wrath; but if we obey and

reverence and love him, he will be entreated of

us, and will save us.

Obey God, love him, he is worthy; obey

him promptly, without a murmur or a doubt,

and if you have ever placed conditions to be

performed by him as an inducement to you,

repent of this before it is too late.


WE may be weary under the cross; but

should never be weary of it.