In Thee Do I Put My Trust

"Mother, what did the Psalmist mean when

he said, 'Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I

put my trust?' "

"Do you remember the little girl we saw walking

with her father in the woods last week?"

"O yes, mother; wasn't she beautiful? "

"She was a gentle, loving little thing; and her

father was very kind to her. Do you remember

what she said when they came to the narrow

bridge over the brook?"

"I do not like to think of that bridge, mother;

it makes me giddy. Do you believe it is safe—

just those two planks laid across, and no railing?

If she had stepped a little to one side, she would

have fallen into the water."

"Do you remember what she said? "

"Yes, she stopped a minute as if she did not

like to go over, and then looked up in her father's

face, and asked him to take hold of her hand,

and said, 'You will take care of me, dear father;

I don't feel afraid when you take hold of my

hand.' And her father looked so lovingly upon

her, and took tight hold of her hand, as if she

were very precious to him."

"I think David felt like that little girl when

he wrote the words which you have just read."

"Was David going over a bridge, mother? "

"Not such a bridge as the one in the woods;

but he had come to some place of difficulty in

his life, and whenever he was in any way 

troubled, he looked up to God just as the little

 girl did to her father, and said, 'Preserve me,O 


It is the same as if he had said, 'Please take

care of me, my kind heavenly Father; I do not

feel afraid if you take hold of my hand.'"

"O mother, how beautiful! But God did not

really take hold of David's hand, and lead him

through the trouble?"

"No; but God loves his children who trust

him who feel safe in his care just as the father

did his little daughter; and though he does not

take hold of their hands, he knows how to make

them feel as peaceful and easy as if he did."

"Mother, can I be one of God's children? "

"Yes, my dear. If you love him, and trust

him, and try to please him, He will call you his

own, and lead you all your life, and make you

very happy."

"Will there be any bridges in my life? I

mean, shall I have troubles? Now I have not

any, have I? I have not to look up to God and

ask him to take care of me?"

"You must not think great troubles are the

only ones we have to meet with. You will have

many small troubles, and will need to look to Jesus.