If One Lesson Won't Do, Another Will.

"MOTHER," said Henry, "I can't make

Mary put her figures as I tell her."

"Be patient, my dear, and do not speak

so sharply."

"But she won't let me tell her how to

put the figures, and she does not know how

to do it herself," said Henry, very pettishly.

"Well, my dear, if Mary won't learn a

lesson in figures, suppose you try to teach

her one in patience. This is harder to learn

than any lesson in figures; and, perhaps,

when you have learned this, the other will

be easier to both of you."

Henry hung his head; for he felt that it

was a shame to any little boy to be fretted

by such a little thing, or, indeed, by anything;

and he began to think that perhaps

he deserved to be blamed as much as


Children very often complain of their

playmates, or brothers and sisters, when

they are very much in fault themselves.

A fretful, impatient child makes himself

and all about him very unhappy. Will

you all try to learn a lesson of patience?

HOPE is the sweetest friend that ever

kept distressed friends company; it beguiles

the tediousness of the way, and the

miseries of our pilgrimage. It tells the

soul sweet stories of the succeeding joy;

what comfort there is in Heaven; what

peace, what joy, what triumph, what songs.

and halleluiahs, there are in that country

whither she is traveling, that she goes merrily

away with her present burden.