An Incident While Riding

WHILE riding on the cars the other day, I

saw a striking illustration of the terrible effects

of the use of liquor. Could little boys

realize what wicked deeds and what misery it

leads to, they would never learn to drink. If

we do not take the first drink, we will never

become drunkards. But to what I saw:

Four men came on the cars. It was soon

evident that they were partially drunk. One

began to abuse another of them, threatened

to strike him, put his fist in his face, and

wrung his nose. The poor fellow took it patiently,

as he was afraid to say anything.

Finally the one who was abusing the other

drew back, and with all his might struck him

square in the face, right on his nose. I heard

the bone of his nose crack as if it were a

stick. The blood spurted in every direction

and ran in a stream as large as my finger

The conductor stopped the train, and put

them all off. What they did then, I do no


All this was the effect of drinking. "When

a man is drunk there is no telling what he will

do. He will abuse and injure his best friends

No drunkard can go to Heaven. Boys, keep

away from the saloons and taverns where

men drink. It may ruin you some day if you

do not.