Do You Know Jesus?

A FEW weeks since, a mother with her little

girl was viewing some pictures hanging in the

parlor of a friend with whom they were staying.

They were all new and therefore strange

to the child. After viewing them all, she

stepped before one, and said, " Mamma, here

is somebody we know."

It was a picture of the Saviour blessing little

children. It was one she had never seen

before; but from the countenance of the person

in the picture, she knew it represented

the Saviour. The remark made a deep impression

upon that mother's mind, and often

earnest prayers go heavenward that her little

girl may early know her Saviour.

But some little boy or girl asks how we

may learn about Jesus. I will tell you some

of the ways children may know about him.

Did you have a kind father away from

you, how you would love to hear from him.

How mother would relate every little incident,

and every letter would be hailed with joy.

Just so may children learn about Jesus.

About one year since, this same child heard,

for the first time, the story of "Little Will,".

  She became so interested in it that she wanted

 to hear it every day; and in a few weeks could 

repeat it all herself. No part of it affected her 

more than that which told of Jesus.

Then there is the story of the lost lamb.

No child can hear it without being deeply

touched, and it will bear repeating again and


Then there are Bible histories made simple

for children about creation, Adam and Eve,

Joseph and his brethren, Samuel, David, 

Solomon, and others, that may either serve to

warn or instruct children.

But the story of Jesus, how he was once a

little child like you, only that he never was

disobedient, impatient, or selfish; but was 

always gentle and good, and therefore knows

how to help you to be the same, 

is sweeter than all others. Jesus!

"There is no name so sweet on earth,

No name so sweet in Heaven."

Dear children, he is all that a kind friend

can be. He does not spurn you from him because

you have been, and are, sinful; but he

longs to make you like himself. Should you

try all the time to be good without him, you

could not succeed; but come to him just as

you are, not reserving anything, and then how

easy it will be to do right. Come within the

fold, and follow his call, and no one can pluck

you out of his hand. How many dear children,

ere another year rolls around, will be

able to tell of a Saviour's pardoning love?

M. D.

ONE drop of ink will blacken a whole glassful

of pure water. So will one evil communication 

make the whole heart foul. Oft, beware

of those evil words! You might drop

many, many drops of pure water into the inky

tumbler, but it would have no perceptible 


So it will take thousands of good

precepts and good instructions to root out

this evil word.

BETTER please one good man. than a crowd, 

bad ones.