Let The Children Pull.

I HAVE heard of a ship, which was

wrecked on the Atlantic coast, in full view

of a village on the hillside. The people

saw, amid the raging of the storm, the ill-fated

vessel dashed in pieces on the rocks.

Two or three of the crew escaped from the

wreck by leaping into the life-boat, and,

committing themselves to the mercies of

the waves, the surges drifted them toward

the shore, where the men from the village

had gathered; but when near the land, the

life-boat caught upon a sand-bar, and there

it stuck, and the sailors could not get it


The lifeboat contained a long rope.

One end of this the men fastened to the

boat, and flung the other overboard, that it

might float to the shore. The rope drifted

along to the land, and the waiting villagers

took hold of it, and pulled with all their

strength, but in vain. They could not start

the boat from the bar. They sent away to

the village for the women to come, and

then men and women took hold again, and

pulled with might and main, but still the

boat was held upon the sands. They sent

to the village once more, to call all the boys

and girls to come and help them, and then

all took hold for "a long pull, a strong pull,

and a pull all together;" and when men, women,

and children, pulled steadily, earnestly,

and with all their might, the boat was

dragged across the sands, and hauled safely

to the shore.

It might be too much to say that the

children saved the poor sailors; but yet,

without their help, they would not have

escaped the fury of the waves. They had

their part to act in the noble work, and they

faithfully performed it.

There are other people today that are in

danger as great as those poor sailors were.

Some stick fast upon the shoals of sin,

some are driven by currents of temptation,

some are beaten by the storms of appetite

and passion, and many men and women

are striving in vain to save them. Is it not

time to call the children to the rescue?

The children that Jesus welcomes to his

arms; the children that sing hosannas to

the Saviour's name? Is it not time to invite

the children to be co-laborers with

their parents in the blessed work of God?

The children's prayers, the children's tears,

the children's entreaties, may aid to save

those who are in extremest peril.

When the lion and the leopard shall lie

down with the lamb in peace at last, "a little

child shall lead them;" and often, even

in this world, the wild, fierce nature of ungodly

men has been tamed by the sweet

and gentle pleading of a little child.

Children, God gives you power to move

the hearts of those who are older than you.

See that you labor faithfully, and God may

make even a little child a messenger of

mercy to some poor, perishing soul. 

Christian Morning Thoughts.