A LADY desiring her nephew to read the INSTRUCTOR, accordingly sent his name and address, with the subscription price, to this Office. 

He read it, and was delighted with it. He tried to find out who sent it, that the person might be rewarded in some way.

He did not succeed in finding out, so he resolved to have it sent to a little girl who had no religious reading. Her parents loved the fashions and follies of the world. 

They did not profess religion, so their daughter did not have the advantage of such training.

Some time after this, the lady first mentioned visited the family of the little girl. 

While there, she found the girl kneeling at prayer, and said to her, "Who taught you to pray?"  She replied that she had received a youth's paper that taught her to pray, and that her mother permitted her to do so.

"Yes," said the mother; "and I don't know what we shall do; for we cannot go to balls and parties any more while our child is praying for us, and begging us not to go, and we shall have to join with her if she continues this way."  Prayers and dancing do not go well together.

Can we not hope that the good seed sown may spring up, and bear abundant fruit?  Let us be of good cheer, and continue to spread the gospel light. Who will join in the good work of circulating the INSTRUCTOR?