The Teacher's Return.

A SCHOOL teacher in a certain village, who

was highly esteemed for his many lovely

traits of character, had occasion to absent

himself for a length of time in order to transact

some important business. While away,

many were the wishes expressed by anxious,

loving hearts for his safe and speedy return.

And when at last he made his appearance,

there was such joy among his pupils that

many were the happy greetings he received

from them, and from little lips were heard

such expressions as "kind teacher," "dear

teacher," "good master," &c., while a pleasant

smile on the teacher's face showed that

he, too, enjoyed the event.

Now, children, many of you no doubt have

already thought of another "dear Teacher"

whose sweet presence is so much desired that

his coming is earnestly prayed for. We are

now on trial, and if we do not disregard the

instructions he has left us, but cheerfully obey

him by learning his precepts, and trying our

best all the time, with the help he will give

us, to put them into practice, we may be

fitted for his sweet society forever. Do we

not, by our impatience and careless behavior

often grieve him? And are not some of us

very slow to learn the lesson he would teach

us? Yet in tender love for us, how kindly

how patiently, he bears with our faults

But this will not be always so. We must

have our tasks completed our lessons learned

for unlike the school teacher whose return

might have been prevented by death, he

will surely come soon to reward every one

according as his work shall be.