"I Thought They would Miss Me."

THESE were the words of two little Sabbath-

school scholars who were lying on a

sick bed, burning with fever, in response

to their teacher's telling them that he had

missed them in his class. The children

felt an interest in the Sabbath-school.

Their lessons were always perfectly learned.

They well knew that perfect lessons and

punctuality would be missed.

While delirious, they would often call

upon their mother and sister to help them

study their lessons; for they thought by

the next Sabbath they would be able to attend.

But their hopes for a time were disappointed;

for their sickness did not pass

off in a week.

They had the genuine Sabbath-school

spirit. This little visit did their teacher

and myself much good; and we left with

the conviction that their example was

worthy the imitation of older scholars, and

even teachers.


TRUE essence of true nobility is forgetfulness

of self. Let the thought of self pass

in, and the beauty of action is gone, like the

bloom from a soiled flower.