Influence Of Christian Character.

The gorgeous autumn flowers were in full bloom. Love for the beautiful in nature caused me to pause and admire the deep-tinted, well-shaped dahlias that nodded their royal heads as I passed by. The many varieties, contrasting so well with the dark green foliage, presented an admirable picture. 

Solomon in all his glory truly was not arrayed like one of these. A lady gave me a delicate white flower, which, were it not for its rich perfume, would scarcely be noticed among its party-colored companions. Though small, it was so scent-full as to fill my room with its fragrance. 

The bright flowers were only pleasing to the eye, but this had greater charms.  As I held this sweet flower in my hand, and inhaled its delicious odor, I could not but think how truly the Christian character is represented by it. Dear reader, what influence are you shedding around you from day to day? Is it a savor of life unto life? 

If your life is hid with Christ in God, you will be constantly, though perhaps unconsciously, shedding a holy influence.

Some may have great beauty of form or feature, and attract admiration by their brilliancy;

 but the true Christian, however humble his position in life, will cast a sweetness upon the path of others, will be a blessing wherever he goes, and can easily be distinguished by his holy influence.

Dear reader, are you an earnest Christian?