The Well That Never Dries Up


I was staying at a village near the sea-coast,

 where the people had to bring all their water 

from a well. At all hours of the day, but chiefly 

before breakfast and before tea time, little feet,

 often unshod, but very active, might be seen 

passing along the narrow lane, with every kind 

of pitcher, kettle, and can, to a fresh-water well.

"Is this well ever dry?" I inquired.

"Dry! Yes, sir, very often in hot weather.

"And if it dries up?"

"Why, then we go to the spring higher up the

best water of all."

"But if this spring higher up fails?"

"Why, sir, that spring never dries up never.

It is always the same, summer and winter."

I went to see this fountain which "never dries

up." The water was clear and sparkling, running

down from a high hill, and passing through a 

gravelly bank, not with torrent leap and roar, but

 with the steady flow and soft murmur of fullness

 and freedom. It flowed down to the wayside. It

 was within reach of every child's pitcher. Some

 children were there, filling their different

 vessels to the brim. It was enough for every 

empty vessel. The small birds came down thither

 to drink. The ewes and lambs had trodden down

 a little path to its brink. The thirsty beasts of

 burden, along the dusty road, knew the way as 

I could see by their tracks to the spring that 

"never dries up."

It reminded me of the water of life and salvation

flowing from the "Rock of Ages," and brought

within reach of all men by the gospel of Christ

Jesus. Every other brook may grow dry in the

days of trial and adversity; but this heavenly 

spring never ceases to flow. "I will give unto him

 that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life


Revelation 21:6.