"Is It An Advent Bible?”

IT was the Sabbath. The sun shone

brightly on the frozen pond where three little

girls often went to play. But on that day

little Lucy had no one to accompany her, or

to assist her in trying to skate. She amused

herself alone a little while; but, becoming

lonesome, she soon hastened away to plead

that her playmates might go with her for just

a short time.

"Mother will not let us play to-day," said

the little girls; "it is the Sabbath." "I

knew it was your Sabbath," replied Lucy;

"but I was in hopes you would go and skate

a while." "Lucy," said their mother, "will

you come and read this verse?" "Yes,

ma'am. 'Remember the Sabbath day to

keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor and

do all thy work; but the seventh day is the

Sabbath of the Lord thy God.'" "Now let

us turn to a table of time. Please read the

days of the week." "First day of the week,

Sunday; second day of the week, Monday;

third day, Tuesday; fourth day, Wednesday;

fifth day, Thursday; sixth day, Friday; seventh

day, or Sabbath, Saturday."

"Well, Lucy, you now see that Saturday is

the seventh day; and you have read for yourself

that the seventh day is the Sabbath of

the Lord thy God." "Yes, I see; but," she

added, looking very thoughtful, "is not this

an Advent Bible?" She was assured that it

was like her mother's Bible.

After she had read this verse: "Blessed

are they that do His commandments, that

they may have right to the tree of life, and

may enter in through the gates into the city,"

she hastened home, to tell her mother all she

had heard and read in regard to the Sabbath



The Torn Lamb.

As I was passing along a road not long

since, my attention was suddenly arrested by

a small, white object lying beside the road,

which was nothing else but a once pretty,

white lamb, now all mangled and bleeding.

Thought I, This is the work of some cruel

dog, and where was the keeper of this helpless

lamb, that it should thus be taken from

the fold?

Then I thought Of the tender care which

Jesus, the great Shepherd, manifested for the

lambs, or children, when upon earth, in laying

his hand upon them, and blessing them;

also his injunction to the apostle Peter:

“Feed my lambs."

I also thought of the many dear children

who, for want of proper watch care, or other

causes, will surely fall a prey to the cruel

snares of Satan. And now, dear children,

let me entreat of you to watch against the

cruel devices wherewith he is trying to destroy

you, so that in that great day that is

S0 soon to come, you may receive the blessing,

and enjoy the society of Him who, when upon

earth, took the little ones in his arms, and

folded them in his bosom.


Jasper, Co., Mo.