REV. SPENCER COMPTON, the earnest evangelical minister at Boulogne, France, relates the following incident: "During a voyage to India, I sat one dark evening in my cabin, feeling thoroughly sick, as the sea was rising fast, and I was but a poor sailor. Suddenly the cry of 'Man overboard!' made me spring to my feet. I heard a trampling overhead, but resolved not to go on deck, lest I should interfere with the crew in their efforts to save the poor man. ' What can I do? I asked myself, and instantly unhooking my lamp, I held it near the top of my cabin and close to my bull's-eye window, that its light might shine on the sea, and as near the ship as possible. In half a minute's time I heard the joyful cry,' It's all right, he's safe,' upon which I put my lamp in its place." The next day, however, I was told that my little lamp was the sole means of saving the man's life; it was only by the timely light which shone upon him that the knotted rope could be thrown so as to reach him."  Christian worker, never despond, or think there is nothing for you to do even in the dark and weary days. Looking unto Jesus, lift up your light; let it shine that men may see; and in the resurrection morning, what joy to hear the "Well done!" and to know that you have unawares saved some soul from death! 

Christian Herald.


ONE of the crying evils of the times is the tendency and disposition of girls to get through girlhood hurriedly and get into womanhood, or rather young-lady-hood, without waiting to enjoy the beautiful season of girlhood. Speaking on this point, Bishop Morris says: "Wait patiently, my dear children, through the whole period of your girlhood. Go not after womanhood; let it come to you. 

Keep out of public view. Cultivate retirement and modesty. The cares and responsibilities of life will come soon enough. When they come, you will meet them, I trust, as true women should. But oh! Be not so unwise as to throw away your girlhood. Rob not yourself of this beautiful season, which, wisely spent, will brighten all your future life."