The Garden.

WHEN we sow goods seeds in the garden, we wish them to grow up and make nice plants, and roots, and flowers. If we let the weeds grow, they will choke the good seeds and spoil them. We must hoe up the weeds.

The mind is like a garden. It must he taken care of. Good plants and flowers will not be found in the garden unless the seed be planted. And then, when the seed comes up, the young plants must be taken care of.

But weeds will spring up of themselves, without being planted; and, if they are left to grow, they will grow faster and stronger than the good plants, and choke them to death. You must pull up the weeds if you want the plants to grow.  It is so with the mind. The soil is good; but angry and wicked thoughts are apt to spring up there; and, if you let them grow, they will choke the good thoughts, and kill them.  If you would be good, you must pull up the wicked thoughts and throw them away, as you would the weeds in the garden.

A Manly Answer.

ALL honor to the boy who cannot be laughed out of doing right. Five boys, pupils in a boarding school, were in their room. Four of them, contrary to the rules, engaged in a game of cards. The fifth was not standing and looking on, to see how the game would go, but engaged in work of his own. It so happened that one of the players was called out.

"Come," said the others to their companion, "it is too bad to have the game stop here in the middle. Come and take his place."  "I do not know one card from another."

"That makes no difference; we will teach you. Come now, do not let our sport be spoiled."

The boy perceived that this was the decisive moment. Ah, just such are the critical points, which are sometimes the turning points in life. His resolution was immediately taken. He made no more excuses, but at once planted himself square upon principle.

"My father does not wish me to play cards, and I shall not act contrary to his wishes."

This ended the matter. It established his position among his companions. It compelled  their respect, and preserved him from temptation in the future.