Work F or The Sabbath-School.

THE boys in the back woods prize their Sabbath

 school enough to deny themselves to attend it.

They are also willing to work for it. One little

Michigan boy I have heard about, who used to

walk five miles every Sabbath to attend his 


Finally, the roads became so badly blocked with

snow, and the cold so great, that he could not go

any more. His teacher encouraged him to get up

a little Sabbath-school class at his home,

 promising to come over and teach it. The little

 boy threw his whole heart into the work; and

 what was the teacher's surprise to find, when 

he came, a company of sixty scholars collected

 to start a new school. All had been gathered by

 the faithful labors of this boy who loved the 


A boy of thirteen, in Nebraska City, was 

hopefully converted. He loved his Bible better 

than any other book, and longed to teach its 

good news to others. He was placed in charge 

of a class of Danes and Bohemians, and taught

 them with the greatest zeal and impressiveness.

 His class grew to a large room full, and several

 were employed to help him. His being able to 

speak the Danish language was a great 

assistance to him; but the great secret of his

 success was that he loved Jesus and his word,

 and was full of pity for perishing souls.

Who will work for the Sabbath-school? If you

really desire to do good in it, God will open the

way. One of the easiest ways I know for a child

to do good in it is to bring others into its loving

fold. This, in many schools, is done almost 

entirely by the children's efforts. Who can tell 

what a great work in the world that boy or girl 

you lead for the first time to the Sabbath-school

 may accomplish?  If he is left to the schooling of

 the street, ruin only is before him. 

Child's World.