God Protects His Children.

No DOUBT some of you have heard about

the revolution in Poland five years ago. Poland

was oppressed by Russia, and tried to

rebel against the emperor of Russia, and 

establish a government of its own; but did not

succeed, because as a general thing the people

did not have the love of God, and gloried

in their own strength. The Polanders, instead

of getting their liberty, were oppressed

still more. A great number of them were

transported to the country in the region of

the Black Sea for life. Fathers were separated

from their children, and children from

their parents, never to meet again in this

world. A number were hung, and others

were shot.

Among those who were sentenced to be

shot was a young man who must have been

very precious in the sight of the Lord, as

what transpired seemed to show. He was

fastened to a post, and his grave was near by.

There, also, were standing twenty-five soldiers,

with their loaded guns, waiting for the

captain to give them the signal to fire. At

this moment, a messenger, with a red flag in

his hand, appeared, running swiftly, and crying

out, "Life! life!"

The young man was quickly untied from

the post, the thick vail was removed from his

eyes, and he was informed of the good news.

He was half dead, and could not speak at all.

After being restored to his former state of

mind, he was requested to state what his

thoughts were while the preparations were

being made for his execution. He replied

that the only thought in his mind was, "The

Lord is on my side; I will not fear; what can

man do unto me?" Psalms 118:6. 

Thinking of

this passage, the mind was calm.

Now, dear children, let us learn a lesson of

this young man, who, even in view of death, felt

no fear of the power of man, but was happy

because the Lord was with him. Let us all

try to have the Lord near us. Let us try to

love God with all the heart and soul, so that

God's Spirit will not depart from us, and that

we may have the Lord God around us and

within us. If we do this, we shall have nothing

to fear, but will try to live like the angels

of Heaven, harmless, peaceable, cherishing

the enjoyment of the present life in the fear

of God and the love of Jesus, and looking 

forward to the life which is to come.