DID you ever realize this, children? The eyes of

the Lord are upon you constantly. He sees all

your actions, hears all your words; and not only

this, but knows your most secret thoughts. If you

should do any thing that you know your parents

disapprove, and which would grieve them, and

perhaps cause them to be displeased with you,

 were they to know it, your natural fear of 

reproof and correction might lead you to try to

 conceal it from them. What think you about the

 Lord's knowing it? You cannot hide it, or 

yourself, from him. Although your sin may be 

committed in the dark night, yet he sees it. The

 darkness and the light are both alike to him. His

 eyes run to and fro through the whole earth.

 Even the smallest lamb in the fold does not 

escape his searching eye. Their words and acts

 too are all written in the book of his 


Then, little friends, fear to sin; for though your

parents may never find you out, yet God certainly

will. We are told in the Bible that he is angry

with the wicked every day. If you fear the 

displeasure of your parents, how much more

 should you fear to do anything to make the 

great God angry with you.