OF all the sweet words and pleasant sounds 

which break upon the ear, none have charms like

 this. It is one of the sweetest and most 

delightful words in our language. It is music to

 the ear, and wakes up the tenderest emotions 

of the heart. It is lisped in the little child's 

evening prayer and is the inspiring theme of the

 greatest minds. We all love to hear about 

Heaven, for our hope centers there. And the

 more we read and talk and think about Heaven, 

the better we become. Well, there are the best of

 reasons why every lip should speak the praises

 of Heaven. Here is the place where God our 

great Creator, and Jesus our Redeemer live. 

Here the seraphs and angels have their home.

 Here too is where good old Enoch and Elijah 

went after they were translated. And this is

 where those who overcome will get the white

 robes, the golden harps and starry crowns. 

Heaven must be a happy place, and oh? How we

 all long to be there. But we must all patiently 

wait till they send for us, then on wings of light

 and glory how we'll

dart through the azure skies to our beautiful 

home in Heaven.

No one is ever sick in Heaven. Jesus the great

Physician of mind and body is here; and the 

Life-tree whose leaves are for the healing of 

the nations grows there.

No one ever gets tired in Heaven. Here is "the

rest that remains for the people of God." There is

no toiling labor there, nothing to fatigue or 

perplex its inhabitants.

No one ever dies in Heaven. There are no burying

grounds, no sepulchers and tombstones there.

Here we need have no fears of funerals and

 death bed scenes, for "When we've been there

 ten thousand years,

Bright shining as the sun,

We've no less days to sing God's praise,

Than when we first begun."

Children, let us all try to get to Heaven. There

is plenty of room there for all who love to do right.

Pretty soon Jesus and the angels will come, 

when all who are found keeping the 

Commandments will start for the City in the

 skies their golden home in heaven.

"O tell me of Heaven, sweet Heaven,

The home, home of the pure and the blest."

O. W. A.


"I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my

sons and daughters saith the Lord Almighty." 

2 Corinthians 6:18.

DEAR CHILDREN: Did you ever consider

what an honor it is to be a son, or a daughter,

of the Creator of all things? If you were the

child of an earthly monarch, you would probably

consider yourself very fortunate and happy.

But however humble your station in life

may be, you may have the privilege of becoming

a child of God, an heir to a far richer treasure

than any earthly monarch ever possessed.

A treasure which, shall never fade away. You

may be exalted to be a companion of angels,

joint-heir with the lovely Jesus, the future

King of the whole earth. And will not every

one of you readily avail yourself of this exalted

privilege? The glorious promise, which is here

given is conditional. It is on condition that

we" come out and separate ourselves from the

world;" that we be "a peculiar people;" that

we obey God "in all things." Then he has

promised to be a Father unto us, and accept us

as his sons and daughters. The family of the

"Lord Almighty" is a harmonious family: the

home to which he will gather his children is a

place of perfect harmony; not a disobedient

child there.

Dear young friends, do you wish to be adopted

into that glorious family, who are going to

inhabit the new earth, and range for ever the

bright fields of immortal beauty? Strive then

to overcome every sin. Ask God for his holy

Spirit to help you to conquer that hasty temper;

to overcome that spirit of lightness and

vanity, to put away those evil propensities, to

make you meek, humble and obedient, and fit

you to dwell with holy angels. Keep the

 commandments of God and the faith of Jesus,

 and God will be a Father unto you, and will soon

gather you with all his dear children to his

heavenly home.


Orwell, Ohio.