"LET the words of my mouth 

and the meditations of my heart 

be acceptable in thy sight, 

O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer."

I love to meditate on the joys of the

world to come. The night is far spent.

Even now the morn is breaking. 'Tis but a

brief moment ere the golden rays of sunlight

will pierce the thick darkness, changing

night into day. Soon it will no more be heard,

"Watchman, what of the night?" For the

long, dark night of time will be past, and the

morn of eternity will have dawned upon us.

Oh, glorious hour! Then will the weary, toil-worn

pilgrim find sweet rest. Then will the

saints be gathered in as jewels, to shine

 forevermore in the casket of Heaven. Oh, blest

abode! "When shall I wake and find me


After pondering long upon the necessary

preparation to fit me to enter the heavenly

Canaan, I wonder what will be my first thought

on entering that place. When I can know

that I am forever free from everything that is

unholy and impure when I am made immortal

what will be the first thought? Will I

first be captivated by the beauty and grandeur

of the place? Will the glorious crown for

which I labor here be first to attract my notice?

or the golden harps and beautiful garments

of the heavenly throng? Will it be

the sparkling of the bright waters that flow

by the throne? Will Sharon's dewy rose,

which fills the entire city with its rich perfume,

be the first thing to admire? Will the first

thrill of joy be occasioned by greeting the

saints, recognizing familiar faces, learning

which is Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Moses,

the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles?

Though I long for the society of these, and

desire to see the glories of Heaven all that

is grand and beautiful within and without the

temple yet I think none of these will occupy

my first thought.

At the transfiguration, when Jesus touched

the three disciples, and said unto them,

"Arise, and be not afraid," they lifted up

their eyes, and saw no man, "save Jesus

only." When I have received the finishing

touch of immortality, and understand as I do

not now know how great was the Price paid for 

my redemption, I think, for a time at least, I

shall behold nothing, save Jesus only!