Saved From A Robber By Rain.

A MERCHANT was one day returning from

market. He was on horseback, and behind

him was a valise filled with money. The rain

fell with violence, and the good old man was

wet to his skin. At this he was vexed, and

murmured, because God had given him such

bad weather for his journey.

He soon reached the border of a thick forest.

  What was his terror at beholding, on

one side of the road, a robber, with leveled

gun, aiming at him, and attempting to fire

But, the powder being wet by the rain, the

gun did not go off; and the merchant, giving

spurs to his horse, fortunately had time to  


As soon as he found himself safe, he said to

himself: "How wrong was I, not to endure

the rain patiently, as sent by Providence! If

the weather had been dry and fair, I should

not, probably, have been alive at this hour

and my little children would have expected

my return in vain. The rain, which caused

me to murmur, came at a fortunate moment,

to save my life, and preserve my property.

And thus it is with a multitude of our afflictions;

by causing us slight and short sufferings,

they preserve us from others far greater, 

and of longer duration.