A LITTLE over a century ago, in the year 1763, a Jewish lad, named Meycr Anselm, entered the city of Frankfort, Germany, bare foot and carrying on his back a small bundle of rags, his entire store of earthly wealth. Industrious and wide awake, he soon found employment, and carefully hoarded his meager earnings. With the money saved he afterward opened a small banking institution. In this he prospered, and acquired money rapidly. The sign over his door was a little shield, painted red. The word for shield in German is schild, and the word for red is roth. The two words, red shield, thus became, when joined together, rothschild, and that became the name which Meyer Anselm afterward bore, a name which is familiar to many of our readers on account of the great wealth which has become the possession of the Rothschild family.