The Friend Who Cares For Us.

SOME years ago, Captain D. commanded a

fine ship that sailed from Liverpool to New

York. During one voyage, he had all his family

on board the ship with him. One night,

while all were quietly asleep, a sudden squall

of wind arose. It struck the vessel with

great force, and threw her over on her beam

ends. There was great tumbling and crashing

of things on board. The passengers

awoke in a great fright. They were in danger.

Every one on board was alarmed.

Some jumped out of their berths and began

to dress themselves in a hurry, not knowing

but the vessel would sink.

The captain had a little girl on board,

about eight years old. She awoke with the

rest of the passengers.

"What's the matter?" asked the frightened

child. They told  her that a squall of

wind had struck the ship, and thrown her

over on her side.

"Is father on deck?" she asked.

"Yes, father's on deck."

"Then it'll be all right," she said, and quietly

sunk back on her pillow and went to

sleep again.

How beautiful this was! What a lesson

we should learn from it! We have a father

in Heaven, wiser, and stronger, by far, than

that little girl's earthly father was. And

when danger comes, or storms burst upon

us, we may be sure our Heavenly Father is

always on deck. He knows all about the

vessel, the winds, the waves, the rocks, the

storms. He is on deck all the time. "He

that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor

sleep." He is "on deck," for he says, "Lo, I

am am with you alway." He is "on

deck," for he has said, "I will never leave

thee nor forsake thee." When the storm

comes, he is always "on deck" to take care

of you. 

S. S. World.

UNTO him that smiteth thee on one cheek

offer also the other.