The Big Umbrella Of Little Mary’s Faith

THE following instructive anecdote shows

the simple faith that little children often have

These little buds of piety generally believe all

that is told them with the most profound 

sincerity; and their childish faith often 

admonishes those of maturer years and 


Some time ago a great drought prevailed

in some of the midland counties of England

Several pious farmers, who dreaded lest their

expected crops should perish for lack of

 moisture, agreed with their pastor and others to

hold a special prayer-meeting to pray to God

to send the needed rain. They met accordingly;

and the minister, coming early, had time

to exchange kindly greetings with several of

his flock.

He was surprised to see one of his Sabbath

scholar's bringing a big old family umbrella.

Why, Mary," said he, " what made you

bring that umbrella on such a fine evening as

this ?" The child gazing on his face with evident

surprise at the inquiry, replied, "Why,

Sir, I thought as we were going to pray to God

for rain.  I'd be sure to want the umbrella."

"The minister smiled on her, and the service

shortly after commenced.

Whilst they were praying the wind rose;

the sky, before so clear and bright, became

overcast with clouds, and a heavy shower of rain

followed. Those, who attended the meeting

unprepared to receive the blessing they

sought, reached their homes drenched with

wet, whilst Mary and her minister returned 

together under the big old umbrella.

The above also reminds us of a little incident of

recent occurrence. A little girl, hardly three

years old, had been told about heaven, its pretty

flowers, its singing birds and beautiful

streams and trees, and how that if she was

good, she should see Jesus and the angels and

have a little pair of wings. With her mind

greatly elated at such a happy thought, she

went to the Sabbath School and recited her

verse, "Suffer little children to come unto

me," but as the school closed she began to

grow sad, and with a disappointment too keen

for her little heart, she went and told her mother

that she had said "her verse" but "the

teacher hadn't given her any wings!"


TAKE the Spade of Perseverance,

Dig the Field of Progress wide;

Every bar to true instruction

Carry out and cast aside.

Feed the Plant whose Fruit is Wisdom;

Cleanse from crime the common sod;

So that from the throne of Heaven

It may bear the glance of God.



A LITTLE girl five years old once said to

her mother, "Do you know when I feel the


Her mother answered, "I suppose when you

are good."

"No," said she, "but when I feel very sorry

for having been naughty and God has forgiven


How sweet it is to be forgiven.