I HAVE just been perusing a very interesting

account of the captivity of Mrs. Kelly

among the Sioux Indians.

She was taken by the Sioux, in July, 1864,

from an emigrant train. The most of the

party was killed, her child being among the

number of the slain.

The sufferings of this lady, both mental

and physical, were too great for description,

as for five months she lived a life of bondage,

sometimes in fear of instant death or prolonged


How many a youth is nurturing in his

heart at times, feelings of discontent and  

uneasiness, although surrounded by all that is

necessary to comfort and usefulness. Are

you sometimes afflicted by feelings of 

ingratitude and murmuring, because your lot is

not fortunate as some others? Think of the

poor captives who are this moment wearing

out a life of hopeless bondage among the Indians.

The number of such captives may

not be great; but some there are, in hopeless

bondage, living in sorrow and pain,

victims of cruelty and tyranny.

Reader, your lot is a happy one. You are

in a land of freedom and plenty, protected

by the best code of laws in the world;

here you may learn the truths of God's word,

and prepare for the great events before the

people of God.

The savage Indian, although a descendant

of Adam, and claiming, justly, a relationship

to you, is in the dark. Children and youth,

you are highly favored of God. You have

numerous privileges of education. Life with

you is surrounded by comforts. Institutions

of learning open wide their doors and invite

to mental culture; books on useful and 

interesting topics are within your reach, and

 best of all, the Bible may be found in almost

 every house in our land.

Do you wish to pursue any laudable

calling? No tyrannical law or heathen whim

bars up your course; do you wish to study

the Bible, and find the, way to God and lasting

happiness? The way is open. No barbarous

chief can here disturb the equal flow

of human happiness, and chain down the

mind intent upon improvement.

Reader, for these privileges you and I

must give an account to God. They did not

come by chance. It did not merely happen

so that in 1871 the people of the United

States are free. God has a purpose in this.

Angels view the scene with interest. It

may not long be as it is now.

 Jos. Clarke