YOUNG FRIENDS: A sad and afflicting occurrence causes me to pen these lines. This part of the country has been visited by a terrific storm of thunder, lightning, and rain. Such vivid lightning and appalling thunder was enough to make the stoutest heart tremble, and cause us to think of that great and terrible day when the heavens shall depart as a scroll, and every mountain and every island shall be moved out of their places.

At the beginning of the storm, a neighbor's house was struck by lightning, and one, the youngest and healthiest of the family, was killed in his bed. He had retired only a short time before, and probably had been asleep only a few moments, when the bolt was sent that ushered him into eternity.

I thought, as I looked at his lifeless form, how necessary that we give our hearts to Jesus in our youth, and thus be prepared for whatever may be in store for us. Who among us can say they are ready to be called away as suddenly as this little boy? 

He laid him down to sleep, but will not arise until the morning of the resurrection  when the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall awake.

Dear children, let us flee to Jesus now, and make him our trust, that we may have a sure hiding place, and be welcomed by the Saviour to eternal mansions where no fierce storms or heartbreaking sorrows will ever reach us. 


Hebron, Wis.