A HINDOO and a New-Zealander met upon the deck of a missionary ship. They had been converted from heathenism, and were brothers in Christ; but they could not speak to each other. They pointed to their Bibles, shook hands, and smiled in each other's faces; but that was all. At last a happy thought occurred to the Hindoo. With sudden joy, he exclaimed "Hallelujah!" The New-Zealander, in delight, cried, "Amen!"

These two words, not found in their own heathen tongues, were to them the beginning of "one language and one speech.”

ICELAND is a cold land, but it is full of

religious warmth. There is a Bible in

every home, and it is faithfully read. Ice

land has no theater, prison, sheriff, cannon

or militia.


That was a while ago!

What is going on now?