Do you ever think, dear children, of the beautiful pictures with which our earth is filled? It is ever full of beauty, but today God has given us here, an unusually beautiful picture, far surpassing anything that can be produced by the most skillful artists.

While we slept, the snow has been silently falling, and covering with its soft downy flakes, each shrub and tree.

The evergreens are draped in wreaths and festoons most beautiful to behold.

As I looked out upon it, my first thought and exclamation was, "Oh, what a grand picture God has given us for today! How wonderful!"

In a few months, he will give a more varied one for our enjoyment. The snow will disappear at the voice of Spring, and all nature will be clothed in a more brilliant robe, and the tiny buds and cunning blossoms will spring up to greet us.

How good a being is He who gives us all these beautiful scenes to enjoy; and by-and-by he will give us a new earth from which the beauty shall never depart.

Dear children, you all want to enjoy it, I am sure; and to do so, you must have erased from your characters every trace of imperfection, and be as pure and spotless as this beautiful snow.



[A LITTLE boy from Minnesota writes, "I send you this story that I read in a book, and thought that you would like to print it." Though the story may be old to some of the children, to others it may be new; and we are sure that all will be glad to read it, and to know that the little boy has so much interest in the INSTRUCTOR.]

"A dog, having been run over by a carriage, had his leg broken. A humane surgeon, who was passing, had the animal brought home, and set his leg. Having cured his patient, the kind surgeon released him, aware that he would return to his old master.

Whenever the dog met the surgeon afterward, he never failed to recognize him by wagging his tail, and by other signs of joy.

"One day a violent barking was heard at the surgeon's door, which was found to be made by this dog, who, it appeared, was striving to procure admittance for another dog that had just had his leg broken."