Five Answers To A Question.

I ASKED a student what three things he most

wished. He said, "Give me books, health, and

quiet, and I care for nothing more."

I asked a miser, and he cried, "Money! money!"

I asked a pauper, and he faintly said, "Bread!"

I asked a drunkard, and he loudly called for

"strong drink."

I asked the multitude around me, and they

lifted up a confused cry, in which I heard the

words, "Wealth, fame, and pleasure."

I asked a poor man, who had long borne the

character of an experienced Christian. He 

replied that all his wishes could be met in Christ.

 He spoke seriously, and I asked him to explain.

 He said, "I greatly desire these three things:

 first,  that I may be found in Christ; secondly,

 that I may be like Christ; thirdly, that I may be 

with Christ."

TO-MORROW is the day when lazy people 

like to work.