ONE beautiful, bright morning in early spring, two little children stood at the gate, watching their father mount his horse in order to take a long journey. When ready to start, he bade them goodbye. As he did so, the little boy said, "Father, you will have to ride twenty miles before you can reach the end of my love for you." 

The father smiled, and said to his bright-eyed little daughter, "How far must I ride to reach the end of your love?" After a moment's thought, she exclaimed, "O papa, you can never ride to the end of my love for you!"

Those little children loved their father because he was very kind to them. All children should love their parents. Some who read this article may not have a father on earth; but we all have a Heavenly Father, who is very kind to us. We should never forget the love, which he has shown in giving his dear Son Jesus to die for us, that at last we may live in Heaven with him. When we have done wrong, if we repent, and ask him in prayer to forgive us, he will do so. Soon he will send Jesus to this earth to save all who have served him. Then we can love him forever, and that love will be as boundless as was that little girl's for her father. In order to love him forever, we must first learn to love him here. Do you love him now?


OH, humbly take what God bestows, 

And like his own fair flowers,

Look up in sunshine with a smile, 

And gently bend in showers.