SUCCESS, in nine cases out of ten, will not attend the life of the man who had no burdens to bear in his childhood. If the fondness or the vanity of father or mother kept him from hard work; if another always helped him out at the end of his row; if, instead of taking his turn at pitching off, he stowed away all the time; in short, if what was light fell to him, and what was heavy about the work to some one else; if he was permitted to shirk, until shirking became a habit, unless a miracle is wrought, his life will be a failure.

On the other hand, if a boy has been brought up to do his part, never allowed to shirk his responsibility, or to dodge work, whether or not it made his head ache, or soiled his hands, until bearing burdens has become a matter of pride, the heavy end of the wood his choice, parents, as they bid him good-bye, may dismiss their fears. The elements of success are his, and at some time and in some way the world will recognize his capacity.


MANY persons, especially among the youth, regard the little things as of slight importance; yet often it is the little things that produce the greatest results. A seed is a little thing, so small that hundreds may be held in the hand of a child, but in one of these tiny seeds may be the germ of a lofty tree. Itasca Lake is a small body of water, yet it is the source of the Mississippi, the "Father of Waters."  The mighty Amazon commences at the foot of the Andes Mountains, in streams that you could easily step across, but the united width of its two arms at the mouth is not less than one hundred and fifty miles.

Minutes are little things, but they make hours and days and months and years and eternity. A word is a little thing, but what a power for good or evil it may become. Our Saviour tells us that we must give an account in the Day of Judgment for every idle word.

Kind deeds are little things, yet they gladden many a sad heart, and in the world to come will bring a reward from Him who regards even the fall of a sparrow.

The first step toward evil is small, and the tempter asks, "Is it not a little one?" 

Yes, we think it so small that we fear no danger, and the next step is taken, and the next, until it is too late to return to the path of right; or if we do return, we find our selves shattered and well-nigh ruined.

Young friends, be careful of the little things; beware of the first approach of evil. 

When temptation presents itself, have the courage to say no. Oh that all the boys and girls who read this may be faithful in little things, that they may not be ashamed before Christ at his coming! 



DEAR CHILDREN: I want to ask you a few easy questions, and then I think you will be able to understand what I have to tell you about the joys of the Christian life.

Do you love your mother? If you do, you enjoy her society, you like to talk to her and think about her, and it is a pleasure for you to assist and obey her. I trust that this is the case with every member of the family. Now why do you love your mother? I fancy I hear you reply, "We love her because she loves us and is kind to us." That is a very good answer. 

You may say, "What has that to do with religion?"  I will tell you.

God is your heavenly parent. He loves you with a love that is unutterable. He gives you all the comforts and blessings of life. He permits you to breathe his air and walk upon his footstool, and daily showers gifts upon you.

In return, he desires you to serve him. 

He has given Ten Commandments, which he asks you to keep. If you love God, it will be a delight for you to obey him. Can you not love the great and good Being, who has done so much for you, and who loves you so tenderly?

Although God is in Heaven, he can hear every word that we say, and it is a great privilege to pray to him, for he is ever ready to answer prayer. If you try to do what is right, holy angels will be your companions, and God's Spirit will comfort your heart, satisfy your soul, and brighten your life.

If you expected to receive a nice present, to meet a dear friend, or to go to a pleasant country, you would anticipate these things with joy. Your dearest friend, He, who, when on earth, took little children in his arms and blessed them, is soon coming in the clouds of heaven. If you are good, he will take you to a beautiful home, to a city of gold, having pearly gates. He will give you a golden crown, a harp of great beauty, and a robe of dazzling whiteness, and better than all this, he will give you endless life. 

My dear children, religion will make you heirs to untold treasures; it will make you members of a royal family; it will bestow upon you something of infinitely greater value than all the gold in all the mines of earth; it will give you lasting happiness in this life, and the hope of soon receiving the everlasting joys, the glorious gifts and heavenly pleasures, of the life to come.  Do you not desire to obtain religion?