Almenia, The Deaf And Dumb Girl

WHILE riding on the cars a few weeks since,

I was attracted by a young girl passing through

with a basket on her arm, from which she was

distributing books. She handed me one, and

took her seat directly behind me. I soon found

she was deaf and dumb, and the book was a 

narrative of her life written from events that had

occurred within her knowledge.

Having an introduction to her, I became much

interested in her history. She writes very well,

and this is one means by which she 

communicates with her friends. Another is, by

 spelling with her fingers, also by signs. The deaf

 and dumb alphabet is in her book. She asked me

to visit her, and as I was going to Jackson, her

place of residence, I accepted the invitation, and

soon had an opportunity to be better acquainted.

She has perfect order in the house, a place for

everything, and everything in its place. But in

nothing was I so well pleased as to see her 

kindness and devotion to her mother, who is in

 feeble health. She has traveled on the cars and

sold books enough to buy a comfortable house

for her mother and three brothers younger than

herself. This last Fall she bought a cow and

many other home comforts, which they could not

have had, but for Almenia's untiring efforts to

sell her little pamphlet, though she is very

frail, having never enjoyed good health. I asked

her (by writing) if she loved Jesus, and if she

believed he was soon coming? She readily 


"I love God, and believe he will Soon

come." She keeps the Lord's Sabbath. She

was asked to repeat the Lord's prayer. She

 immediately arose, with uplifted eyes, making

 signs only with her hands. Though her lips 

moved not, yet there was so much devotion and 

solemnity in her countenance, that it was far

 more impressive and touching than language.

I hope the young readers  

will, like Almenia, be kind and obedient to their

parents. Remember this is the first 

commandment with promise. There is much more

 required of those who have their senses entire,

 than of one who cannot hear nor speak. I hope,

 however, better things of my little readers than

 that they are disrespectful or disobedient to

 their parents.

Should there be any such, may they repent

of this great sin, and pray God to forgive

them before our great High Priest leaves the

Sanctuary. If this or any other sin remains

unconfessed and not repented of, you will have

it to receive at the hands of the Lord, and lie

down in sorrow. Forbid it Lord, for Jesus' sake,


Battle Creek, Michigan.