THE Chinese are exceedingly mercenary. They will do almost anything for money. They have no notion of any man's taking a course, which does not tend to profit. "One of our new converts," says a missionary, "recently held the following dialogue with a neighbor who attempted to catechize him on the subject: 

"'How much did those foreigners give you to join their church? Twenty dollars?'

"' More than that.'

"' A hundred dollars?'

"' More than that.'

"' A thousand dollars?'

"' More than that.'

"' How much, pray? '

'"More than the value of the weight of this mountain in silver and gold.'

"'In the name of Buddha! What?' cried his astonished interrogator.

"'This precious book,' said the Christian, holding up his Bible,' which tells me of God, and Christ, and Calvary, salvation, and everlasting life in Heaven.'"


WHAT comes from the heart goes to the heart.


You who are just going out into the world, answer me one question today. Whom have you taken as your guide through life?

Perhaps your secret thought has been, "I need none to guide me. I can take care of myself. I am a man now, and can face the world alone." 

How little you know of life, if this has been your thought. Stop before it is too late, and consider what lies before you. This life is a long and dangerous journey for those who desire to find the heavenly home at the end of it. The wisest and best of us reach that goal travel-stained and weary "through great tribulation." 

Those who set out alone never get there at all; for the narrow road of God is hard to keep, and self-will and carelessness lead many astray. Only He who is the Truth can show us the right path, and hold up our goings therein, that our feet may not stumble.