MANUFACTURERS, in order to distinguish goods of their own make from those made by others, place upon them some peculiar mark called a "trademark." Of these marks there is a great variety. Sometimes they consist of a name, sometimes of the initials of a name ingeniously combined, sometimes of a picture, and often of a simple cross-mark. These you will see illustrated on spools of thread, packages of yeast, bars of soap, rolls of cotton cloth) etc., etc. Very similar to the trademark is the marking put on cattle and horses to show who owns them.

For many years the United States law has allowed manufacturers the privilege of registering their trade-marks, and has given each a right to the exclusive use of the mark he has chosen. It even subjects to fine, or imprisonment, or both, any person who imitates trademarks, or who places genuine ones upon other goods than those made by the real owner of the mark.

All this is done to protect both manufacturers and purchasers from fraud in dealing in common articles of merchandise; but there are two marks spoken of in the Bible to which we would call your attention. Although they cannot perhaps be called "trade-marks," yet they do a very similar work.

The first one, which is mentioned in Ezekiel 9:4, is placed by our Creator upon the foreheads of all who are counted worthy to be called his children; and the second will be placed upon the foreheads of as many as Satan can induce to follow his example in rebelling against the laws of Heaven.

Which of these marks we will have placed upon our foreheads remains for us, dear readers, to decide. When tempted to say what is not strictly true, or to take what is not yours, when tempted to disobey your parents, or to be unkind to your schoolmates, remember that the Lord knoweth them that are his, and that he will never place his mark upon us unless we have done that which is right in his sight. Oh, that all the family, in the day of final reckoning so soon to come upon us, might be counted as property of the heavenly King, and heirs of eternal glory. 

M. K. W.