YES, young reader, yield a little! Don't be

too certain, you may be mistaken. "Yielding,"

says the wise man, "pacifieth great offences."

It is far better to acknowledge that

you may be wrong, or mistaken, now, than by

and by to be compelled to give up, compelled

to confess your error.

Many little children are often too confident

in their expressions; too much certainty is

mixed with their opinions. This shows a lack

of respect for the judgment of others. And

a great lack too when they contradict those 

older than themselves.

"Concession in little things," says one, " is

the golden rule exemplified." A lack of this

sometimes produces unkind feelings which may

lead to hard words, and even blows among bad

children. Be gentle. Don't state your belief

with too great positiveness. If you say, "I

know a thing is so and so," perhaps some one

is ready to say, "I know better!" Here is a

dispute which is very wrong, and especially for

those who are trying to overcome and be 

prepared for Heaven.

Now let this evil be nipped in the bud.

Yield a little, speak softly. "A soft answer

turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir

up anger." Proverbs 15:1. "Pleasant words

are as an honey comb."

Dear Children, heed the injunction of the

Apostle, "Be kindly affectioned one to another."

Cultivate the good spirit. Don't be set,

rigid, nor unyielding in your feelings or manners.

Small concessions are often better than

great confessions. Let the seeds of gentleness

and kindness be early sown in all of your little

hearts, and they will spring up and bear a rich

harvest. You may be happy here, and have

eternal life hereafter.




A CHILD was once asked, why everybody

loved her? She artlessly replied, Because I

love everybody. And so it is, if you wish others

to be kind and obliging to you, the best

way is first to set the example by seeking 

opportunities to do acts of kindness yourself. It

is a lovely sight to see children of sweet 

dispositions, unite in their innocent glee, each

trying to make their playmates as happy as

themselves; but if selfishness and an angry

temper rules, how sad indeed it is. It is not

only for your pleasure and benefit that you love

one another, but it is pleasing to God and your

friends. God notices the little child that has

a meek, gentle spirit. Although he is so exalted

a being, yet he looks with approbation

upon you, if you try to be kind and good. Jesus

was once a little child, he was always mild

and kind. He was never disobedient. If you

cherish in your hearts a principle of love

when you are a child, it will grow with your

growth and strengthen with your strength,

and not leave room for the poisonous weeds of

vice and folly to grow in your minds. If you

would be loved, be lovely.