Close Of The Year

ANOTHER year has rolled its ample round,

Its joys and sorrows all are in the past;

And shall the record of its deeds be found

In favor, or against us each, at last?

Thy coming, Lord, is hastening on apace;

The heavens will soon reveal thy lovely form;

Then we shall meet and see thee face to face,

And find sweet refuge from the fiery storm.

0, help us so to live the coming year

That not one act or thought we shall regret,

And draw us nearer to thee, Father dear,

And help us thy commands to ne'er forget,

That when the Lord in glory shall appear,

Thy weary saints in readiness may be

To hail with joy the closing of that year

Which shall precede the year of jubilee.

"Choose you This Day Whom you Will Serve."

MY DEAR YOUNG FRIENDS: We must consider

the above admonition as addressed to

us. And as we are influenced by motives

in our choice between different objects, we

should weigh well the objects and influences

presented before us, not only in their present

bearing, but in view of their probable future

result, that we may choose wisely.

If we should approach a place where two

roads separate, and knew that one led to certain

death, and that we could travel the

other in safety, which would we choose?

If we were hungry and thirsty, and two tables

were spread before us, and we were

assured that the food upon one was prepared

by an enemy and contained a deadly poison,

while the other was prepared by the kind

hand of a dear friend, containing nothing

that would harm us, but was composed of

materials best adapted to our wants, of which

should we partake?

We have two roads diverging before us.

One is broad, gradually descending, and its

appearance, so far as the view opens before

the natural eye, is inviting. But a kind

friend has informed us that it is beset with

dangers, and leads to certain destruction.

A constantly increasing gloom and darkness

settles down as we go forward. At its end,

over a terrible precipice, is seen the dark and

gloomy abode of the giant, despair. There

is no other way that those who have entered

upon this road can avoid going over that

precipice, to certain death not only to share

the first, but the second death but to retrace

their steps to where the roads separate,

and take the other way.

That is narrow, and appears rough and difficult.

But as we gaze up the ascent, the

mellow, cheerful light seems to increase in

brightness. And that dear Friend, who has

more than an earthly father's or brother's 

affection for us, has assured us that it is the

path of safety. He has told us that the light

shall shine more and more, till all darkness

disappears, and the bright, beautiful day 

continues on, on forever.

By traveling in this straight and narrow

way, we shall secure the friendship and favor

of Him who has power to save from death

Such have the promise of the life that now

is, and that which is to come all that is

worth anything in this world, and eternal

life in the world to come.

We are unsatisfied, hungry, and thirsty

There is spread before us the world, its riches

pleasures, and honors. We are told that

these will satisfy our hunger and quench our

thirst. He who tells us this once told a lie,

and even now "there is no truth in him."

It is not safe to believe and trust him. He

told our first parents that, even if they disobeyed

God, they should not die. That this

was a falsehood is proved by the pain

we suffer, the pale faces upon which we gaze,

the badge of mourning, the funeral train, the

white tombstones we see upon almost every

plain and hillside, and by that wail of anguish

that goes up from thousands of homes,

where the living mourn for those whom death

has claimed for his victims.

Ah! An enemy presides at that table.

There is poison there the poison of sin

deadly as the bite of the serpent sent among

the Israelites. " The wages of sin is death."

Rom. 6:23.

Another table is spread before us. On it

is bread that will satisfy, " water springing

up into everlasting life." If we eat of that

spread, we shall never hunger. If we drink

of that water, we shall never thirst. At the

head of this table sits One who has proved

himself our friend. It is safe to sup with


If we strive to satisfy our cravings for

the world, the more we partake of its riches,

honors, or pleasures, the more we crave;

ever unsatisfied, ever hungering. If, on the

other hand, we accept the invitation given

through the prophet Isaiah, "Ho, every one

that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and

he that hath no money; come ye, buy and

eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without

money, and without price. Wherefore do ye

spend money for that which is not bread,

and your labor for that which satisfieth not?

Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that

which is good, and let your soul delight

itself in fatness." Isaiah 55: 1, 2.

If we hunger and thirst after righteousness,

we shall be filled led in green pastures,

and beside the still waters. In the end, we

shall be satisfied when we awake with his


Dear readers, which road will you travel? 

At which table will you sit? Of what food will 

you partake?

Oh! May your choice be like that of Joshua,

through whom came the admonition at the

head of this article.

" Choose you this day whom ye will serve.

. . As for me and my house, we will serve

the LORD." 

Joshua 24: 15.