THE months are nearly all named by 

the Romans from some of their divinities 

and emperors, viz.: 

January from Janus, who was represented 

as having two faces, one looking toward 

the new year, the other toward the old; 

February, from Februa, the mother of 

Mars; March, from Mars, the god of war; 

April, from a Latin word signifying to 

blossom; May, from Maia, the mother of 

Mercury; June, from Juno, the wife of 

Jupiter; July, in honor of Julius Caesar, 

the first Roman emperor; September, from 

septem, the seventh month of the Roman 

year; October, from octo, the eighth; 

November, from novem, the ninth; and 

December, from decem, the tenth month of 

the Roman year.