IT is safe to trust in Jesus, for he is our best friend. We know from the testimony of others, if we have no experience of our own, that those who have trusted in him were never disappointed.

When Christ walked upon this earth, a man among men many trusted in him, although thousands turned from him. 

A marked example of belief in Jesus is the case of Jairus. You have all doubtless read of how his little daughter was very sick, and that the doctors could do nothing for her; but her father knew that the Great Physician was in the neighborhood, and he believed that he could heal her. So Jairus went to him, and knelt down before him, and prayed him to come and heal his daughter. Jesus at once started for the house.

By and by a servant came to meet them, and told Jairus that his daughter was dead, and that there was no need to trouble the Master further. But Jesus went on, simply saying to the father, "Be not afraid, only believe." On reaching the house, he went into the room where the dead child lay, and, taking her by the hand, he said, 

"Maid, arise," and the little girl arose and walked.

Oh, how happy and thankful the father and mother must have been! Was it not proven to Jairus that it was safe to trust in Jesus? Yes, truly. And as he left their home, how their hearts must have gone out in love to him!

Jesus' words to Jairus we may take to our own hearts, "only believe," trust in me. He is just as ready to listen to prayer now as then, for he loves us just as much as he did the people among whom he lived more than eighteen hundred years ago. 

That we cannot see him makes no difference; he can see us and knows what we want, and what is best for us to have.

We may tell him all our troubles, and trust in him for help. Perhaps he may not answer our prayers just as we have asked him, but we may believe and trust him to give us just what we need; for he is too wise to err and too good to be unkind.

V. A. M.