"I Cannot, Sir."

A YOUNG man we will call him honest

Frank who loved truth, was a clerk in the

office of a rich merchant. One day a letter

came recalling an order for goods, which

had been received the day before. The

merchant handed it to honest Frank, and

with a persuasive smile, said:

"Frank, reply to this note. Say that the

goods were shipped before the receipt of

the letter countermanding the order."

Frank looked into his employer's face with

a sad, but firm, glance, and replied:

"I cannot, sir."

"Why not?" asked the merchant, angrily.

"Because the goods are now in the yard,

and it would be a lie."

"I hope you will always be so particular,"

replied the merchant, turning upon his heel

and going away.

Honest Frank did a bold as well as a right

thing. What do you suppose happened to

him? Did he lose his place? No; quite

different. The merchant was too shrewd to

turn away one who would not write a lying

letter. He knew the untold value of such a

youth, and at once made him his confidential

clerk, at an increased salary.