A PERSIAN monarch inquired of an aged man, "How many of the sun's revolutions hast thou counted?"

"Sire, I am but four years of age."

"What!" interrupted the king," fearest thou not to answer me falsely? or dost thou jest on the very brink of the tomb?"

"I speak not falsely," replied the aged man. "Eighty long years have I wasted in folly and sinful pleasures, and in amassing wealth, none of which I can take with me when I leave this world. Four only have I spent in doing good to my fellowmen; and shall I count those years which have been utterly wasted?"

Like the royal Preacher, he "looked on all the works that his hands had wrought, and on the labor that he had labored to do, and, behold, all was vanity." Eccl. 2:11.

A LITTLE girl four years old learned the 

Bible text, "Love one another." "What 

does ‘Love one another' mean?" asked her 

oldest sister. "Why, I must love you, and 

you must love me; and I'm one and you 

are another," was the answer.